Questions to ask when hiring a carpet cleaner

Carpet is an important but often forgotten part of your home that should be cleaned routinely. It should be vacuumed weekly and spot cleaned when necessary, but professional carpet cleaning can be done much less frequently. High traffic areas may need cleaning as often as twice a year, while carpet that gets little traffic may only need to be cleaned every 2 years. The average is once a year for most carpets.

You may not have a clue how to choose a carpet cleaning company from all the available choices. To begin, you should ask potential carpet cleaners some questions – and know what answer to expect.

  • Does the company offer free estimates?

Companies that are secure and honest in their prices won’t mind at all giving you an estimate of the cost for your carpet cleaning. You should be able to find plenty of companies that do free estimates, so don’t bother paying for one.

Experts recommend that you get 3 estimates before choosing a carpet cleaner. If you get less than that, you really don’t have a way to compare, and if you get more, you can get overwhelmed by the choices.

  • What cleaning method does the company use?

Steam cleaning, also called hot water extraction, is the best way to clean carpets. Companies that use this technique are using state-of-the-art practices. If a company uses any other cleaning method, you should inquire as to what those methods are and why they use them over steam cleaning.

  • Does the company carry insurance on their services?

You really shouldn’t work with an uninsured company because the liabilities are too great. If they make a mistake or damage your carpet, insurance will cover these damages. Along with a contract, the company will be bound to the work they do with insurance coverage.

  • How long does the company estimate the cleaning will take, including drying?

By just looking at the size and type of carpet in your home, a professional carpet cleaner should be able to tell you how long the cleaning will take, give or take a couple of hours. Unless they run into major difficulties that they weren’t aware of during your estimate, they should be able to get pretty close.

They will also probably tell you that it takes about 24 hours for cleaned carpets to dry completely. Again, based on your carpet type, this number may be more or less.

  • Does the company guarantee their work?

Practically every company will offer some sort of guarantee, but you should be extremely clear on what the guarantee covers. Some may be as short as 30 days while others might cover their services for up to a year.

Companies want customers to come back again and again, so they should be willing to do whatever makes you happy.

When the carpet cleaners you are considering have answered all of your questions to your satisfaction, you can decide which one is the best fit for you.