4 restaurant chains you can look for if you are a vegan in Texas

When you’re thinking of restaurants serving delicious vegan food, Texas probably isn’t what comes to mind – more likely than not, you see a BBQ-and-grill establishment as the representative of Texan cuisine. Despite this, many cities in Texas – even some smaller ones – have a lot of great vegan restaurant chains to choose from, if you know where to look.

If you’d like to eat out regularly without compromising your vegan dietary habits, read on for 4 restaurants to look for if you are a Texas vegan.

  1. Avocado Cafe and Juice Bar: These guys serve a lot more than just fruit and juices – each restaurant in the chain features a complete menu of gourmet dishes that would make even the most seasoned meat eater reconsider his dietary beliefs. A San Antonio family-run business, Avocado caters to anyone and everyone: from those looking for a quick veggie burger to those needing to fuel a ceremony or special event with large quantities of quality vegan or gluten-free food. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also order a surprise dish, carefully picked out by the chef. And if you need even more reasons to feel good about eating here, consider the fact that many of Avocado’s chefs are veterans of the U.S. military.
  2. Loving Hut: This international chain of vegan restaurants advises you to go vegan in order to save the planet. Well, you’re sure to save your stomach while eating something from their tasty and health-conscious menu. Many of the dishes are Asian couisine (Vietnamese in particular), and the menu varies based on the many different restaurant locations, but the general idea stays the same. If you’re looking for some quality take-out or sit-down vegan lunch or dinner in Addison, Arlington or Houston, treat yourself to one of Loving Hut’s complete courses.
  3. Chipotle: You might be surprised that Chipotle made its way onto the list. They’re well-known for their Mexican cuisine (known to be meat-based), so what could they have in store for vegans? While they do focus on dishes with meat, they still make room for the conscious eater. Many of the dishes are available in vegan and vegetarian edition – you can order existing dishes with plant-based meat subsitutes – and there are also specialty vegan items like a soy burrito in some locations. You can also customize your order by eliminating toppings such as cheese. They have over a dozen locations in Texas alone, many of which are found in Fort Worth or Odessa.
  4. Guero’s Taco Bar: A popular Mexican restaurant in South Austin, Guero’s makes vegan Mexican cuisine seem easy. Unlike many similar establishments, Guero’s features a full vegan menu that covers breakfast, lunch and dinner. Customers still retain control over their order and can choose between soy or plant-based fillings depending on their preferences. If you’re a vegan who’s always longed to try out everything that Mexican cuisine has to offer, look no further – Guero’s veg-friendly meals are so well-made that you’ll almost forget Mexican food is meant to be prepared with meat.